Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Portner Digital?

Portner Digital is an interactive online platform from which you can access the full suite of Portner Press handbooks and resources in a digital format.


You can find out more about Portner Digital on the About page.

Q. Who writes the material for Portner Press publications?

The Portner Press team of editors, writers and contributors consists of over 40 legal and financial professionals who are experts in their respective fields — whether it’s employment law, workplace health and safety or human resources.

Further information about editors and contributors to Portner Press publications can be found on the Our Experts page.

Q. Do Portner Press publications cover legislation across all Australian States and Territories?

Yes, all information covered in Portner Press publications is written from a national perspective. Each publication will highlight any differences in legislation for each jurisdiction where necessary.

Q. Are Portner Press publications tax deductible?

Yes, all Portner Press publications and resources are tax deductible.