Managing Employee Grievances and Disputes

Managing Employee Grievances and Disputes is your essential guide to minimising legal risks and protecting your employees’ rights when handling a grievance or a dispute.

Workplace grievances can be damaging and costly. However if you follow the right processes, they are easily avoidable.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to effectively and legally handle employee grievance claims.

You will discover:

  • The difference between a grievance and a dispute
  • The laws that protect employees who raise grievances and disputes
  • How you can avoid liability in the event of a grievance or dispute
  • 6 essential tips for grievance and dispute resolution
  • A checklist outlining exactly what your workplace policy must cover
  • Examples of possible scenarios and how you can deal with them
  • What can happen if a grievance or dispute case reaches court

Don’t forget, this guide also comes with a Grievance Policy template you can use in your workplace right now.

Make sure you know how to deal with the complexities of a grievance or dispute in your workplace – and the best way to handle an unhappy employee.

With this vital guide, you can be certain that you have done everything you can to minimise your liability.

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