Managing Employees with Family Responsibilities

Minimise your legal risks by helping them balance their work and family life

Complex anti-discrimination laws protect workers with families.

Employers who fail to acknowledge and act within these laws when dealing with staff who have family responsibilities can face severe penalties from the Fair Work Commission and other authorities.

However consequences like this are easily preventable.

Managing Employees with Family Responsibilities 2018 explains everything you must know when handling family-related issues in the workplace.

This indispensable eBook comprehensively explains:

  • Your legal obligations when recruitingDo you know what job interview questions could leave you liable in an anti-discrimination case?
  • How to deal with pregnant employeesFrom leave rights to health and safety concerns – employers must know the laws that protect pregnant workers to avoid any potential liability.
  • Laws surrounding parental leavePregnant employees, their partners and adoptive parents have special entitlements that are enforced by the Fair Work Act.
  • The entitlements parents have in the workplaceIs a parent with increased family responsibilities allowed to work from home? What happens if you can’t accommodate their request? Are you allowed to refuse a request for a flexible work arrangement?

Issues can come up at any time with employees who have family concerns.

All employers must know their employees’ rights to avoid possible prosecution and manage their employees effectively.

This essential guide shows you all the ins and outs of employment law in this area and is packed with:

  • Multiple checklists
  • Practical tips from our employment law experts
  • Examples of possible real-life situations
  • Instances of case law and the outcomes for the employers
  • Accordion-tabsnd ready-to-download checklists, policy templates, forms and letters

All for just $119.95

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