Managing Employees with Family Responsibilities

Minimise your legal risks by knowing your employees' rights

The Fair Work Act protects the rights of workers with families; from pregnancy, through to parenting. These laws even apply at the interview stage, before a potential offer of employment.

In a few cases you may be able to legally dismiss or retrench an employee who takes parental leave, but anti-discrimination laws are complex.

As an employer, it’s absolutely critical that you know everyone’s rights and how you can effectively and legally manage any family-related issues that crop up in your workplace.

In our essential, in-depth eBook Managing Employees with Family Responsibilities, we comprehensively explain:

  • Your legal obligations when recruiting
    Understand all of the pitfalls employers must navigate when recruiting staff who may become pregnant or have family responsibilities.
  • Dealing with pregnant employees
    Pregnant employees have special rights. Do you know when you could be discriminating against your staff member? You are also responsible for any potential health and safety risks. Don’t leave yourself liable.
  • Understanding parental leave
    Do you know what parental leave entitlements all of your employees have under the Fair Work Act?
  • Parents returning to work
    What happens if there is no role available? When can you retrench the employee? What if a mother wants to breastfeed her baby at work?
  • Managing parents in the workplace
    Can your employee work from home? Find out your employees’ rights regarding flexible working arrangements and when you can legally refuse a flexible work arrangement request.

This invaluable guide is packed with multiple:


Know everything you must do when managing your legal responsibilities. Don’t miss out on a single detail.


Our employment lawyers have considerable expertise in all the intricacies of employment law. Take advantage of their professional knowledge.


Download all of the checklists and numerous professionally drafted and ready-to-use policy templates, forms and letters.


We present a number of scenarios outlining what can occur in different situations and how you can respond appropriately.

Case Law

Are you aware of the consequences you can face when you don’t adhere to your legal obligations? Learn about cases that have made it to court.

Issues can come up at any time with employees who have family concerns.

Know your workers’ rights so you can avoid prosecution and manage your employees effectively.

All for just $119.95

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