Managing Sexual Harassment

We have the answers for you – how to identify and prevent sexual harassment in your workplace

Sexual harassment claims can cause huge damage to your business. And it’s not just restricted to defending the claims and compensating the victim. Sexual harassment litigation can substantially harm your own as well as your business’s reputation.

Avoid problems before they arise!

Managing Sexual Harassment 2018 shows you everything you have to do to minimise your legal risk and protect your workers and company from sexual harassment claims.

Written by a team of lawyers with extensive experience in advising big clients on this hot topic, this valuable eBook will tell you how to:


  • Identify what constitutes unlawful sexual harassment
  • Recognise and defend a claim of vicarious liability
  • Follow the steps on how you should respond to a sexual harassment complaint
  • Investigate a sexual harassment allegation
  • Avoid and prevent being found personally liable
  • Educate your employees about sexual harassment



Here’s just some of the essential information you’ll find in Managing Sexual Harassment 2018:


  • A clear explanation of what constitutes unlawful sexual harassment
  • 34 examples of ‘conduct of a sexual nature’ that may be unlawful
  • How to defend a claim of vicarious liability
  • 7 things you must include in your sexual harassment policy
  • How you should respond to a sexual harassment complaint
  • A 10-step guide to investigating a sexual harassment allegation
  • 6 key principles to consider when dealing with a sexual harassment complaint
  • Important steps you must take when dealing with a substantiated complaint
  • And much, much more



PLUS! This eBook contains 14 useful documents that you can download, customise and use in your workplace with confidence today, including:

  • An 8-page Sexual Harassment and Victimisation policy template
  • Checklist: How to meet the duty of due diligence
  • Checklist: Qualities of a good investigator
  • Checklist: How to determine who should conduct the investigation
  • Checklist: What an investigator must do
  • An incident report template
  • Letter advising alleged perpetrator of investigation
  • Letter advising alleged perpetrator of suspension pending investigation
  • A notification of investigation template
  • A sample investigation report
  • A template deed of release for an agreed separation
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