Managing Underperformance

When left unmanaged, underperformance is very costly.

However if you mismanage it, the cost can be extreme.

In Managing Underperformance, leading employment lawyer Charles Power explains everything employers must do to effectively manage employee underperformance and avoid legal pitfalls.

This eBook comprehensively outlines:

  • Exactly what defines underperformance and how it differs from misconduct
  • How to prevent underperformance through performance management processes
  • Essential steps to minimise legal risks when dealing with an underperforming employee
  • Each process you must follow to legally dismiss an underperforming employee
  • Precise details of every legal risk that can arise when managing underperformance


The guide is packed with essential:

Don’t let an underperforming employee put your business in jeopardy.

Protect yourself with Managing Underperformance and minimise your legal and financial risks.

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