The Obesity Report

Occupational obesity can be a big problem for business – but it doesn’t have to be for yours

Obesity is a growing epidemic in Australia, with now over 11 million Australians categorised as obese.

And with obesity comes associated health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, decreased mobility, increased likelihood of heart disease and stroke, and even sleep apnoea.

All of these conditions can affect an employee’s productivity, as well as present serious health and safety concerns in your workplace.

The Obesity Report shows you how to approach this sensitive issue tactfully, and effectively reduce the level of risk that it poses in your workplace.

It covers:


  • How sedentary work and shift work can have impacts on workers’ health – and the employer’s duty of care
  • The law in Australia that requires both employees and employers to address the risks created by obesity
  • How to implement a practical and beneficial plan to help get obese workers fit for work again
  • Creating a workplace health and wellness program that also addresses the employee’s mental and emotional health
  • What happened when a sacked obese worker took their employer to court
  • How to address an obese employee sensitively – and legally



Dealing with occupational obesity doesn’t have to be confrontational or negative and the opportunity for obese workers to lose weight is in everyone’s interests.

Healthy employees are not only more productive, but happier.

The Obesity Report is just $19.95. Buy it now.

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