Social Media & the Law

Social Media and the Law: Managing the Legal Risks for Your Business is a 40-page eBook written by Employment Law Practical Handbook Editor-in-Chief Charles Power. It details all the legal precautions you need to take when managing social media use in your workplace and will guide you through the steps of drafting a legally sound social media policy.

It covers:

  • The legal risks your business faces due to social media – and how to minimise them
  • What to do if your employees breach your business’ confidential information on social media
  • When your business can be held liable for publishing misleading or deceptive information on social media
  • The steps you need to be taking to prevent bullying, discrimination and harassment occurring via social media
  • How to legally regulate your employees’ social media use
  • What you need to include in your social media policy and how to implement it effectively
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