Young Worker Safety


Ensure young workers’ safety and welfare through correct leadership and support

By enabling their success, you maximise yours

Employers who invest in young workers today not only develop the proficient employees of tomorrow, but also create strong positions for themselves.

However, to empower young workers, employers must know how to recognise and develop their employee’s skills, while maintaining and safe and healthy workplace.

To do this requires professional knowledge and competency.

In Young Worker Safety 2018, health and safety consultant and risk expert Amy Towers shows employers step-by-step how to communicate with and coach their young staff, so all parties can work together safely and effectively.

This eBook explains:

Young workers and health and safety

Find out exactly why young employees are at a greater risk of injury than older, more experienced workers.

Health and safety legislation

Know the legislation that applies to businesses that employ young staff. Be certain that you and your workers are complying with health and safety laws.


In all jurisdictions, employers are required to consult with their staff on health and safety matters. Learn how you can engage with young workers in a positive and effective way.


Discover how to educate young workers through:

  • induction;
  • training;
  • supervision;
  • mentoring;
  • safe systems of work;
  • reviews; and
  • support.

Workplace safety culture

Understand what having a positive workplace safety culture means and how to create one in your workplace.

When you train your young workers to be independent, reliable and safe, everyone benefits.

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